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Many people start off with ex battery hens and become hooked on every kind of poultry (it happened to us too) You may soon find something else catching your eye in either smallholder magazine or on the internet etc...
One person, besides Power Poultry whom we have purchased birds from is Callum Eglen. Here is a bit of a promotion for his stock and hatching eggs.
Callum's Poultry
Callum is based in Kings Lynn and sells various hatching eggs, chickens, geese, ducks etc....
Callum can be contacted on
The birds below were purchased from Callum, but he does breed MANY different varieties and he should be on your contacts list if you are planning on looking for anything in the near future.
If you are interested in anything in particular, drop Callum an email and I'm sure he will help as much as possible.
Our Cochins, Desiree and Ting Tong
Flora and Marge, the new wives for Eyup and Roland.

Here are the young ducks, Eyup, Roland, Flora and Marge.
We also have Jonny and Jemima but they live in with the hens so they don't get bullied by the youngsters as we believe Jonny and Jemima are Pekin Ducks instead and about half the size of these Aylesburys crosses (True Aylesburys are rare and have pink beaks NOT orange)