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Contact Lincs Little Hens

How to get in touch with us.

Our E-mail

Telephone numbers

ringing mobile 07500 693 207 or Landline 0845 017 9422 (free from BT & has an answerphone) Please leave a message if no reply as we are often outdoors.

Please DO NOT try to book in by telephone as we are often not in a position to take down the information we need.

We only take bookings by email unless you are not on the internet.....but then you wouldn't know of us then, would you? Wink



Email us on to be placed on our waiting list. Please give us your

  • name,

  • address,

  • contact numbers-both landline and mobile,

  • how many hens you would like 

  • what kind of set-up you have
  • and if you would like any extra bits and bobs (see our shop page for starter packs)

  • what experience you have of ex batts (if any) We DO rehome to new hen keepers but can offer more advice to you if you are a beginner so we can allow a little more time at collection for any questions you may have.
  • your preferred collection point (Corby Glen or Sutton Bridge).

We need ALL of the above information or will not process your application but return it to you.

We will acknowledge receipt of your email and then let you know when our next rescue is planned. All we ask for is a minimum donation of £2 per hen as contrary to popular belief, we do not get them free and have to transport them and make rehoming packs etc....all our of our own pockets.

Some more detailed frequently asked questions can be found >>here


We have a hen awareness application on Facebook so if you are on Facebook, send an ex battery hen to a friend> CLICK HERE



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Lincs Little Hens Advice Sheets- written by us for all hen keepers.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Keeping your eggs fresh

Purple Spray





Here is a slideshow (Click below) of many recent hen pics of ours and of the lovely people we have rehomed to. Thankyou to all for allowing us use of your photographs. They are always appreciated as we love to see the hens bloom to be fully feathered after looking moth eaten on rescue days.