LINCS LITTLE HENS- Crate sponsorships etc

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Our great crate sponsors
Without crate sponsors, it would be much more difficult for us, as we pay for everything out of our own pockets. 
In return for £30, the price of a hen crate, we will either place your personal name or an advertisement for your own business etc... on here.
We will place an engraved or laminated plaque on each crate which will be seen by many people during it's lifetime. If you have leaflets or business cards, we will put them in a holder at our rehoming points too and advertise you a bit there also!
If someone at our rehoming points sees your advert and knows that you too are animal lovers, you just may get their trade rather than them going elsewhere....I know it would sway me who to trade with!


Sharron and Justin Hamilton have sponsored two poultry crates for life. Thankyou so much for helping us purchase them Laughing