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When booking your hens, you can order certain items to be delivered along with your hens.

You can order

Layers Mash £7.00

Small Feeder £10.00

Large Feeder £15.00

Small Drinker £10.00 

Large Drinker £15.00

Bedding £8.00

Grit £1 per small bag

Straw £1 sealed compressed bag

Purple Spray £4.00

Verm X pellets £13.00

Verm x liquid £18.00 (much better for ex batts as you know they are all getting it)

Verm x Keep Well Tonic £13.00 

 ALL ITEMS-subject to availability



  • Small feeder
  • Small drinker
  • 20kg layers meal
  • Large bale of treated horse bedding (recommended by us)
  • Purple Spray
  • Grit
  • Garlic powder
  • 1 litre Apple Cider Vinegar (recommended by us)
  • Rehoming pack

    Price £45


  • Large feeder
  • Large Drinker
  • 20kg Layers meal
  • Large bale of treated horse bedding (recommended by us)
  • Purple Spray
  • Grit
  • Garlic Powder
  • 1 litre Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Rehoming pack

Price £55

These packs contain everything you should need to get started with hen keeping,
except the hen house!

Chick bar

As we are often asked regarding ongoing supplies of animal feeds/bedding and other items that we sell on rescue days at Lincs Little Hens, we have decided to offer them on here to people who have rehomed hens through us.  The very small profit we may make goes straight to the medical care and upkeep of the sick hens here who may be available for yearly sponsorship once we know they will recover. This means we are still non profit making as our outgoings are much more than any income.


Please DO NOT wait until you run out of food we only put an order in to our supplier fortnightly.

We currently sell the following but if you have any special requests, please ask.


Free Range Layers Mash 20kg sack £7.00

Free Range Layers Pellets 20kg sack £7.00

Garden Chicken Blend 20kg sack £7.00 **Tried, tested and recommended by us!

Mixed Corn 20kg sack £7.00

Rolled Oats  20kg sack £7.00

Our recommended bedding £8.00 (compressed large bale wrrapped in plastic)

Megazorb wood pulp bedding £7.50

Small Drinker £10.00

Small Feeder £10.00

Large Drinker £15.00

Large Feeder £15.00

Apple Cider Vinegar 1ltr £4.00 (but save your initial bottle and we will refill for £3)

Dried Mealworms £4.00

Garlic Powder £4.00

Purple Antiseptic Spray £4.00 (perfect for any wounds where blood is drawn as hens will viciously attack blood and make a wound worse.)

Spiral coloured leg rings 50p each

Oyster Hen Grit 25kg sack £8.00 (will last for ages)


Golden Guinea Mix 20kg sack £9.00 (Guinea Pigs)

Tiggy Cat Rings 15kg sack £15.00 (Cat complete)

Bunny Brunch Mix 20kg sack £9.00 (Rabbit mix)

2009-09-02 Prices valid at this date


Contact us on to place your order with items required, your name, address and telephone number so we can confirm receipt of your order, and give you a delivery date. If you require anything not on the list, just ask. We may be able to supply that too. 

Deliveries within Sutton Bridge, Long Sutton & Tydd St Mary ARE NOW FREE DURING SCHOOL RUN TIMES!!



We can deliver around Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Spalding for £5 per order, anywhere further than 20 miles, delivery will be £1 extra per mile.


We only accept cash on delivery as it goes straight into our fund for our rescue animals which we pay OUR SUPPLIER from. We DO NOT accept credit cards or cheques. Laughing



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