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Many people start off with ex battery hens and become hooked on every kind of poultry (it happened to us as our daughter got hooked on Pekin Bantams after we brought a Pekin cockerel from Little Hen Rescue....who then needed wives etc...) You also may soon find something else catching your eye in either Smallholder magazine or on the internet etc...
Here is a little promotion for Power Poultry whom we have purchased several Pekin Bantams from.
Power Poultry
Power Poultry are a small family based small holding in West Norfolk where the health and quality of their birds is of paramount importance.
They also sell housing and hatching eggs as well as POL hens.
Their website and blog is at
Here you will find details of the different breeds of chicken from Power Poultry.  Having trouble selecting a breed to suit your lifestyle? (or garden size) then please don't hesitate; get in touch with them by calling them on 01945 882092 or 07710 848270.

The web is full of useful, specific chicken breed information (which we strongly advise that you Google and read before committing to a specific chick breed to join your family) so in an attempt not to repeat what is written elsewhere (because that would bore you) on our specific "breed" pages you will them and find out!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket LAURA AND BLANCHE FENELLA Photobucket AMBER Photobucket Photobucket Fenella
Pekins ABOVE that we have bought from Power Poultry and then got even more hooked and hatched a few of our own....BELOW
Midas Photobucket Ebony Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket